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Guidelines for Visitors on Day of Tour – Please Read

Click on the word DAILY SCHEDULES in the above menu to see the schedule for each day! 🙂

    • A signed 2019 TDH-waiver is required to participate in any of the Tour de Hives activities throughout the day. Entering the property is implied consent to the terms of the waiver.
    • This is a family event and children are welcome, so please help your children stay safe by making sure that they respect the rules and privacy at each of our tour locations.
    • Austin is a family-friendly and pet-friendly city, and bees can be defensive near their hives and may sting.  Cute fuzzy dogs can look as dangerous as a bear to a beehive, beware!  Please leave your pets safe at home.  No pets on tours, please.
    •  There will be an observation hive for viewing at the event start location and other family-friendly activities to enjoy.
    • To avoid stings, please do not waive hands or attempt to brush them off of you, instead, you can step calmly away from the hive.  Most of the time, bees will fly off.  Only female bees have stingers and if they choose to sting, they will die in the process, so they don't WANT to sting you.
    • Avoid dark clothing and fast movements around the hives, it makes you look like a predator to bees.
    • Bees have been known to be more aggressive around heavy scents and perfumes, excessive sweating, and other strong odors, avoid wearing perfumes on the day of tours.
    • What to wear? You do not need to wear a bee suit, but if you wish to get closer to the bees it is beneficial to have long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and close-toed shoes and lighter colored clothing.  Flip flops are a poor shoe choice for hive tours.  Long hair should be tied back.
    • Please do not drink alcohol prior to or during the tour.
    • Obtain permission of property owner before taking their picture.
    • If you are allergic to bee stings, please carry an epi-pen and use extreme caution on the tour.  Call 911 immediately if you are stung AND have a severe allergic reaction. (ie: extreme swelling or shortness of breath may be the result of an anaphylactic reaction.  If you are unsure how to treat bee stings, follow the advice of your healthcare provider.
  • Ask lots of questions and enjoy the tour!