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Daily Schedules

This page will be updated often with new activities, so please keep checking back to see what's new!


Tour de Hives 9am-5pm

9am Chris Doggett ~ Intro to Bees and Beekeeping

10am Robin Sliva ~ Planting for Pollinators

11am Abby Pettibon ~ Basic Beekeeping for Kids (adults welcome!)

12 noon Eva Van Dyke ~ Establishing and Maintaining a Pollinator Garden

1pm Laura Weaver ~ Honey Appreciation – sample honey from around the world

2pm Brandon Fahrenkamp ~ Bees in an Urban Environment

3pm Les Crowder ~ For the Love of Bees

Speaker Bios:

Chris Doggett

Chris Doggett received a degree in Mathematics at Bristol University in England in 1967 and moved to the United States in 1984. After a career in sales and management of electronics manufacturing companies he retired in 2002. He lives in Thrall, TX where he has been a beekeeper for seven years. In 2014 he was President of Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association and he is the Publications Director of the Texas Beekeepers Association.

Robin Sliva

I’m just an ordinary girl raised by extraordinary folks. Spent my life on a farm where we where taught the value of living off the land. I have a passion for growing things and a love for honey bees. I grew up tending bees and farming along side my parents and grandparents. I am a participate in the Master Gardner Program and active in our local garden club. I work at our local nursery 1 -2 days a week. My husband and I have have kept bees together for 6 years. I am an active member of 2 area bee clubs, I teach beginner/intermediate/advance beekeeping classes, we also handle 3 out yards and manage 30-100 hives throughout the year. We produce and sale honey and honey bees. We also teach urban homesteading, beekeeping and gardening classes.

Abby Pettibon

2018 Texas Honey Queen, Abby Pettibon, is the 18-year-old daughter of Patrick and Christie Pettibon and lives with her family a little north/east of Dallas. She has been involved with the Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association (CCHBA) for fourteen years, and was the CCHBA Honey Queen for 2017. Abby enjoys being with her family, babysitting, reading, sports and sharing with people about honey bees.

Eva Van Dyke

Gardening, to me, requires a sense of wonder as much as it does labor.
My mission is to pass this experience and love on to the next generation. That’s why I have worked with schools to plant pollinator gardens. I volunteered at the botanical gardens, and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center as a Smarty Plants education station teacher, facilitating the nature experience for visiting school classes, and talking with them about our greatest native treasure, our trees, and the insects who live in them.
In my own yard, I have planted a native woods and small food garden. After planting a butterfly and a bird garden, I am now interested in our native pollinators and how we as gardeners can create a patchwork of bee sanctuaries.
I create wildlife habitats for clients. My yard is a certified pollinator and wildlife habitat where every insect and other wildlife is not only welcome, but plays an important role in my small part of this ecosystem we call our Mother Earth. I work at my favorite native plant hub, Barton Springs Nursery.

Laura Weaver

Laura graduated from the University of Texas with a major in Education, and taught school before becoming a full-time Queen Bee at BeeWeaver. For nearly 20 years Laura has talked with bee lovers around the world. Naturally the bee-lover crowd is unique, and Laura has enjoyed building friendships throughout the world based on the common love of an insect.

Brandon Fehrankamp

Brandon Fehrenkamp is the owner of Austin Bees, a local beekeeping business that conducts hive removals, as well as a mentor with the Texas Master Beekeeping Program and the Beevo Beekeeping Society on the UT campus.

Les Crowder

Les Crowder has devoted his entire adult life to the study and care of honeybees. Dedicated to finding organic and natural solutions for problems commonly treated with chemicals, he designed his own top-bar hives and set about discovering how to treat disease and genetic weaknesses through plant medicine and selective breeding. He has been a leader in his community, having served as New Mexico’s honeybee inspector and president of the New Mexico Beekeepers Association. He is an avid storyteller and has spoken annually at the NM Organic Farm Conference for over fifteen years. Les is also a certified teacher and enjoys teaching children Spanish and science. 

Art Hive Voting - 3 entry categories:

Youth 10 - 18 years (Middle/High School)

Adults 19+ years

Professional Artists


All registered attendees receive 3 colored tickets for each group. Split them within the group or put all 3 in your favorite. Winner in each group determined by most votes
Voting ends at 4:30 pm 

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